Today it's the norm, we want to be able to do anything with few clicks and why not, even when talking while sitting on our couch, even in the office!
And one day, maybe, with the strength of the mind...

We have therefore made a choice for you:
the Artificial Intelligence.

We want to give you the pleasure to be able to stay focused on the things that matter for you, while the machines are busy working.

AIDA simplifies the use of Artificial Intelligence to organize our life, private and working, starting from our documents.

Receipts of the bar, bills, clinical exams, tickets and various bookings but also invoices, orders, contracts, various correspondence are recognized, made digital and the information extracted made available both in your Apps and in complex business systems. Learning is simple and automatic, requires no special intervention.

Why not let yourself be pampered by your new personal assistant?

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Artificial Intelligence for the Real Life

AIDA, thanks to a series of innovative technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence, is able to assist anyone, from private to large company, to better organize personal and corporate life.

Accessible from any device, it draws the informations imprisoned in any document and it saves wherever is desired: in App, on the PC, in Cloud, on ERP, ECM, CRM systems, etc.