AIDA organizes Your private and working life, transforming your documents into useful data for You.

Bar receipts, bills, clinical exams, tickets and various bookings but also invoices, orders, contracts and various correspondence become digital, are recognized and the extracted information made available both in your Apps and in complex business systems.

Learning is simple, natural and automatic, requiring neither technical or specialized knowledge nor the ability to write code.

So why not let your new personal assistant pamper you?

AIDA Cloud

General features

AIDA, with its interface accessible from any browser and of immediate use, allows from the first day the extraction of data from your documents and their use where and in the way in which you are used to do so.

AIDA is intelligent, immediate and adaptable: it is the ideal personal assistant.

Immediately after creating the AIDA account, you are ready to go.
You can set your document types, their metadata, the way you want to use them and the desired output without limits.

You can also speed up this phase by using our examples, or by editing them.

How AIDA works

Acquisition of documents from any source
Simple teaching, based on the normal point and click operation of the end user and without the need for pre-training
Intelligent, autonomous and automatic learning of any type of document
Output to supported platforms based on own your rules

To make AIDA adaptable and reliable
with Your Data we have also implemented:

Global intelligence: additional to personal intelligence, it allows you to immediately benefit from the learning outcomes of the Machine Learning engine from the first upload of a new document already.

Intelligence global grows and improves continuously!

Anomaly detection: with the experience and history of the data, it allows the Machine Learning engine to adapt to your needs, detecting and reporting values ​​different from the normal data flow.

These values ​​are submitted to the user for approval and subsequent learning.

Data lookup: internal to AIDA or external from third-party systems, allows searching and checking of extracted data. This feature forces the data and their interpretation to your specific need.

Document archive: you will have an archive for storing and using documents and their data over time.

The powerful search engine indexes and makes searchable, in a granular way, both the data and the fullindex content of all the processed documents.

Native integrations: in continuous growth in number, make possible for a personal and direct management, with simple rules, of the extracted data.

The rules allow you to rename the file, to create folders automatically, to share on the App and to populate the metadata of third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, ECM...


AIDA connects with your world

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint
Google Drive
Apple iOS
Xerox DocuShare / Xerox DocuShare Flex
Xerox devices

Always with you!

Scan and upload documents with your Smartphone

You can quickly digitize documents to extract the trapped informations as you see fit.

Notifications inform you if the recognition has been concluded automatically, or if AIDA is not yet sufficiently confident on automatic learning.

AIDA Mobile

General features

Scanning on-the-go of documents thanks to the power of automatic cropping, perspective correction and color correction.

Adaptability: support for A4/A3/Letter/Legal formats, format adaptation and multiple pages

Instant notifications on your devices:

  • New documents received
  • Name of the document identified, according to the rules you have configured
  • Automatisms successfully concluded.

Mobile sharing: you can send documents from any other app to AIDA and share processed documents to other apps using the native tools of your smartphone or tablet.

Monitoring: complete visibility on the status of all documents processed or still being processed.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Application

Empower your Xerox® device with Artificial Intelligence

App Gallery
Download AIDA ConnectKey® App on the Xerox® App Gallery

AIDA Xerox® ConnectKey®

General features

Simplicity and security: safe and easy matching of the Xerox® ConnectKey® device to the AIDA account with QR code, thus eliminating the hassle of entering a username and / or password every time.

Speed 1 touch: a single tap to load documents into AIDA reduces user time and the chance of error.

Split & batch functionality also allows you to automatically load and split an entire batch of documents using the maximum capacity of the automatic document feeder.

Lookup on the touchscreen: you can input relevant document information directly from the Xerox® ConnectKey® device display via the safety of lookup, with filters and searches on the data manually imported or automatically learned from AIDA.

Registration: many times the information to identify a document is not printed directly on it.

AIDA recognizes one-dimensional barcodes, QR codes or other types based on international standards, and automatically links missing information to the document.

Distribution: any operation you do on your AIDA account, such as configuring a new document type with its property set, is immediately visible to all Xerox® ConnectKey® devices linked, anywhere in the world.

Security and Privacy

Your data are secure

  • All information transits in AIDA according to the principle of privacy-first and respects the indications of the GDPR.
  • Your data belongs to you: we take the security of your information very seriously and treat it as such.
  • AIDA's cloud infrastructure relies on recognized leaders in their respective sectors: AWS, Braintree and Stripe.
  • The most recent and best development and management paradigms are used.
  • The informations passing through AIDA are encrypted end-to-end and at rest, including the document themselves and all the databases that contain the processing informations.
  • Login details are encrypted with a one-way hash by using a strong hashing algorithm.

Our plans

Designed for professionals, enterprises and privates
Choose the option that best suits your needs.

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26.49€ / month
billed every month
300 pages
/ month
10 GB
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Adapt and integrate
the solution for your company
discounted subscription plan
up to 1,500,000 pages
/ month
unlimited space
of archival
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